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March 21, 2012

Outsourcing = Flexibility, Agility & Expertise

The decision to outsource a function by an organisation entails a multitude of considerations. Organisations decide to outsource for a variety of reasons, such as reducing costs, reducing internal resources committed to monitoring or operating non-core activities and gaining special expertise...

Safety measures for High rise façade cleaning

With the rise in mega cities and tall structures, façade cleaning is getting more difficult and challenging. With no formal governing bodies there is an urgent need to have rules and regulations for high rise façade cleaning. Suhag Khemlani, Deputy Managing Director, Technoclean (India) Pvt. Ltd, takes us through some safety measures for high rise façade cleaning

Increasing service quality for washrooms

Sharing his views on India operations, Bryce Tietjens, Business Services Director – Cannon International, tells CIJ about the company’s future plans for India in taking washroom hygiene products and systems to workplaces across the country. Cannon Hygiene has partnered with PCI Environmental Services for its India operations.

and the beat goes on….

Training for kitchen hygiene is like pounding a rhythm to the brain… repetitive and consistent! Induction training according to SOPs must be followed by supervision to make sure that it is put into practice. This coupled with constant monitoring and re-training is the only formula for success in achieving high standards of kitchen hygiene.

Gloves – Maintaining Food & Hand Hygiene Standards

Users in any food processing environment face a number of hazards, including sharp-edged tools, materials and surfaces, temperature extremes, food products themselves, grease, bacteria and the harsh solutions, and chemicals used to clean & sanitize processing areas... Using the right hand protection for the application can also protect food products from contamination and the spread of food borne pathogens.

Should hotels have in-site laundry or outsource the services?

One emerging trend that has been noticed in the hospitality industry is outsourcing of laundry and now even the cleaning to cleaning contractors. Though good points weigh on both the sides – outsourcing / in-site, cleaning contractors will have greater opportunity to enter the hospitality market, be it for cleaning service or for laundry. Clean India Journal had carried an article on “Does it pay to outsource”, which was taken up for discussion on LinkedIn. Excerpts:

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