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September 1, 2011

Eco-friendly practices in Dry Cleaning

Many industries do not follow practices that minimize environmental damage. Unfortunately, traditional dry cleaning is no exception. Some aspects of traditional dry cleaning, such as the use of the Toxic Air Contaminant, perc (perchloroethylene) and lax standards governing practices are to blame. But times are changing.

Keeping city clean is a collective effort

In the recent years there is a significant shift in handling solid waste with Municipal Corporations across the country adopting various models of disposing and recycling waste. Pondicherry Corporation has successfully adopted door-to-door collection, transportation and processing model. Coimbatore Corporation has adopted house-to-house collection model and outsourced secondary collection and processing to private parties under PPP mode. In certain other cities, the processing has been outsourced on PPP basis. Besides waste collection, various technologies like composting, bio-methanation/gasification or high-temperature incineration and waste-to-energy are being used for waste management. For example, the service provider in Coimbatore Corporation had started with compost plant, now they are seeking permission to put up a waste-to-energy plant at their own cost. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike has forked out certain areas to be cleaned by sweeping machines. All Corporations are experimenting innovative methods to collect and treat waste. Ajit Patil, Secretary, Corporation of Cochin, in an exclusive interview with Clean India Journal, talks about how solutions to keep the city clean has been successfully implemented.

Maintaining Mangalore Airport

In this centenary year 2011-12 of the civil aviation, India also takes pride of being the 9th largest market in the aviation world and in the forward march, it is expected to become one of the three largest markets in the world by 2020. With the air passenger traffic likely to cross over 300 million (domestic) & 100 million (international) by 2020, the Airport Authority of India is investing heavily in sprucing up Indian airports to meet world class standards. The Mangalore Airport with its newly constructed integrated terminal is leaving no stone unturned to match the cleaning standards of any international airport. On August 1, the cleaning of the new terminal was outsourced to Durga Facility Management Pvt Ltd for mechanized housekeeping services. In an exclusive interview, M R Vasudeva, Director-Airport Authority of India, Mangalore, explains to Mohana M the Airport’s plans to provide international standards to passengers.

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