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August 1, 2011

Clean Building Envelope

The buildings of today now have complicated designs with extensive glass and metal facades that present a unique challenge in its maintenance. Suhag Khemlani, Deputy Managing Director of Clean India Group, talks on how each building demands, personalised maintenance solutions, specific to the needs of the structure. While the group’s engineering company Cradle Runways (I) Pvt Ltd provides systems for accessing all kinds of facades, the Technoclean (I) Pvt Ltd is the largest national provider of façade cleaning and maintenance services.

Care for flexible floor coverings

Professional, systematic cleaning & care greatly helps prolong the life of a floor covering and is one of the principal responsibilities of contract cleaners. This applies especially to deep cleaning and/or de-coating flexible floor coverings. There are two methods of doing this, differing according to the machine used and the time required.

Smart Washrooms-Tissues

Second in the series on Smart Washroom, in this issue CIJ focuses on Tissues, the various kinds of tissues and their usage. Tissues enhance the hygiene factor as it is meant only for one time use, whether to wipe hands after using the toilet or the face after a wash. Toilet tissues, on the other hand, help clean the toilet seat before and after use, making it a hygienic experience for any user. Few of the industry experts share their view on the importance of tissues.

Water-A massive market Bubbling to the surface

It’s an interesting time to appraise the “blue segment” of green business. Water has taken a back seat in sustainable business and cleantech. Over the past decade, the rallying cry of “water is the new oil” (or even the new carbon) has not materialised. Yet with mounting water scarcity and water quality pressures, the convergence of water and energy issues and the drive for greater resource efficiency, the market is clearly gaining momentum. Between 2005-2010 the Dow Jones Water Index surged 80% and between 2007-2010, it outperformed the S&P by over 20%. There are already a large number of countries, industries and companies whose economics are critically reliant on water. And that number is going to increase exponentially in the next five years. Here’s why:

Does it pay to outsource?

There comes a time in most facilities when the question of outsourcing laundry arises. The following guide will walk you through the areas you need to consider in order to make the most informed and educated decision for your facility.

Opting for in House Wash

Outsourcing laundry is not an ideal option, especially if a hotel has more than 100 rooms. The advantage of having in-house laundry helps meet demand for clean linen at any given point of time, says Garima Nagpal, Executive Housekeeper at The Imperial, New Delhi.

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