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June 1, 2011

Cowsheds to consumers

Ice-creams, flavoured yoghurt/milk, lassi, cheese, paneer, curd… are our favourite dairy products and of course, the packed milk. Today in India milk processing distribution is carried out by multiple agencies, both from private and public sectors. Processing rooms are fitted with a long stretch of stainless steel machines, pumps, silos, unending pipelines… which are handled by just a handful of uniformed workers. While the ambience gives the feel of a hospital clean room or a pharma factory, it is interesting to know how these large silos and pipes are cleaned without dismantling or pulling them down. Mohana M reports on the various Cleaning In Place processes and industrial cleaning practices at some of the leading dairy processing units in India.

Industrial Vacs in food industries

A range of cleaning equipment, products, services and machineries is required to maintain clean and hygienic workplace environment right from the raw material entry area to the final finished product / packaging areas in the food processing and beverage industry.


Insects like mosquitoes, screwworms and fruit flies have short lifecycle of 60-90 days, during which time they mature, reproduce and die. Early pest management is essential to curb their rapid population expansion. Sterilization is one such green technique to control pest infestation

Detergents: Liquid or Powder?

There is a fundamental shift on the laundry wash floor – from several floor attendants manually handling the wash to fully/semi-automated linen wash systems with fewer attendants. This has not only influenced the operations and turnaround wash cycle but also the various components applied in the wash process. Detergents, a major component in the process, come in both liquid and powder forms. Are liquid detergents better than powder? How, Why… Clean India Journal asked some of the laundry surfactant suppliers.

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