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May 1, 2010

Dirty Decisions

The degree of cleanliness needed dictates whether a cleaning step is needed at all. If cleaning is needed, is cleanliness dictated by appearance or performance?

Water Sustainability

The demand for solutions to water supply and wastewater treatment has been increasing in the existing market with the increasing need for processed water, both in the industrial and domestic segments. The infrastructure and industrial growth has further accentuated the demand, making water the fastest growing industry besides cleaning. Abhitabh

Reaching heights

It’s not all that inviting to scratch the dirt off ceilings, especially when the ceilings are high domes! But, when it comes to reaching heights, it is more challenging to deliver results, says Md Sonu Khan, Supervisor of Lion Services Ltd, a unit of Global Excellence

Women & water woes

Civil society and NGOs are talking about a decentralised approach to water management initiatives with women at the centre. The framework should reflect the complex water situation and ground realities; or else, women will continue to bear the entire burden of having to provide water to the family.

Janitorial Trolley Cleaning Systems

Even though mechanisation is catching up, manual cleaning is inevitable for cleaning certain areas. And for that, transporting a variety of cleaning tools, wet & dry mops, wipes, sprays… becomes cumbersome without a proper janitorial trolley.

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