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May 1, 2009

Funny Side Up

Training period is the most crucial phase in a janitor’s career; perhaps the most fun filled time as well. Along with the learning process, there could be interesting and funny experiences which he would carry with him throughout his working life. Clean India Journal has started meeting some of the janitors to get to know those hitherto untold stories of goof ups and lighter moments.

Fast Food Joints – The mechanics of food safety, hygiene and cleanliness

It’s quite disheartening that in India, the general perception on standards, in terms of food security, management and cleanliness, is much lower than in the First World nations. Johnson Thomas, Clean India Journal’s special correspondent, set out to explore the varying standards of hygiene and cleanliness in a few food chain outlets. The financial capital of the country, Mumbai, expected to have the best standards, seemed like an ideal place to carry out the investigation.

Sanitary facilities via Web 2.0

In working to meet the Millennium Development Goals concerning water and sanitation, most people first think of the heavy work, such as digging wells and constructing sewage systems. However, there may be a much more groundbreaking role for state-of-the-art Internet technology. To this end, the expertise of Dutch water and sanitation specialists combined with the talents of Internet experts from India, the US and Sweden. Together they have built a website called Akvo (’water’ in Esperanto), which should serve as a major impetus to addressing the global issue of sanitation.

Managing Waste

Valsa R. Nair Singh, I.A.S., Secretary (Environment), GoM; Chairperson Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) and MCZMA, speaks to Clean India Journa

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