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March 1, 2009

Building business on trust

Though formed only in 2003, the Chennai based Trendz Facilities Management is technically 14 years old. First started in 1995 as N.B. Enterprises by partners Balram Menon and K.S. Balakrishnan – who left their corporate jobs to plunge into housekeeping – Trendz today is a multi-location, multi-function company with over 5000 employees. Menon and Balakrishnan spoke to Clean India Journal.

Dyeing units of Tirupur: Solution for Sludge?

It is a festivity of colours each day here, as colourful streams of water gush down the drains and fall into a huge pool of muck and fluid. This concoction of colour and grime is churned at high speed to split clean the slime from the water. Less than 50km off the textile city of Coimbatore, the hosiery hub of India, Tirupur, houses 6,250 factories that spin out garments in pleasing hues for the export market. Unlike other dyeing centres in the country, environment-conscious Tirupur has its waste treated within each unit, with no toxic waste escaping into the storm water drains anywhere in the city. How do they manage this? Mohana goes inspecting.

Keepers of Kangra ‘Kuhls’

Community-managed ‘kuhls’ or water canals that date back to the pre-colonial Katoch dynasty (1690 to 1805), are today in dire straits. Human faeces, animal waste and garbage float in this water, which is even used for drinking!

Sustainability issues in Solid Waste Management

There are various ‘Sustainability’ issues concerning waste management in India. Most projects started with good intention by the urban bodies failed to take off. R. A. Rajeev, Additional Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, discusses the need for right financial model for such projects.

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