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December 1, 2008

Industrial cleaning solutions for CEMENT INDUSTRY

Unlike steel, the cement industry demands round-the-clock housekeeping with fine dust floating constantly in the air or forming a thin carpet on the floor. This calls for specialised equipment with special features to ensure that air pollution levels are maintained well within the prescribed limits. At many cement factories, cleaning up of this residue is still being done with brooms, shovels and wheel barrows. Mohana discusses with Industry players the existing and prospective mechanised solutions for the cement industry…

Safe drinking water for the rural poor

Eureka Forbes has been collaborating with an NGO for the past one year to supply drinking water in villages with a population of around 1500-2000 people. Fifty water purifying plants have already been put up mainly in Andhra Pradesh. A few are coming up in Rajastan and around Delhi.

Clothes that clean themselves!

When it comes to stain-free clothes, it has always been a tussle with chemicals, detergents and equipment. Researchers experiment with nano-crystals that clean and do away with stains once the fabric is exposed to sunlight.

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