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11th edition of Clean India Show Unearthing the Unexplored Market

Visitors’ Response

Ravindra Gupta, CME, Western Railways, a first time visitor to the Show was impressed with the wide range of cleaning solutions available. “I am very optimistic that the information and knowledge that I have gained at the Show can be implemented to better maintain railway premises. It will help change the image of Indian Railways.”

The Municipal Corporations too were looking for latest equipment and tools that could help maintain sanitation in their respective cities. Speaking on the gradual shift in the perception on cleanliness and changing mindset, Sanjay Kumar, Additional Commissioner, Bhopal Municipal Corporation said, “Cleanliness is now at the heart of every discussion and Clean India Show is doing a wonderful job of providing the technological and technical aspect behind it. Changing the mind set is of prime importance, because only when a person realizes the importance of sanitation and hygiene can the cleaning industry achieve its true potential.”

Municipal Corporations of Ajmer, Surat, Gandhinagar, Jamnagar, Ahmedabad and Bhopal were represented at the Clean India Show.

Speaking on the importance of shows like Clean India, play in enhancing knowledge, Satnar Sharma, Health Officer, Ajmer Municipal Corporation, said, “I have attended both the Shows as well as the seminars and found it to be very insightful in terms of advancement of the cleaning industry.”

Appreciating the work done by the Show, Dr. M N Patel, Vice Chancellor, Gujarat University said, “Engaging in maintaining sanitation and hygiene should be the need of the hour as its benefits are far reaching. Clean India Show as a platform, echoes the mission taken up by our Prime Minster himself, as it motivates and promotes cleanliness and hygiene. With the help of these kinds of shows, India will achieve the target of being a clean country sooner than the target year set for 2019.”

While the government institutions are working in creating a cleaner India, multiplying the business prospects of the cleaning companies. The Industrial associations are also lending their weight behind the Abhiyan. Their main focus on creating awareness on cleanliness among their member companies with special attention towards mechanized cleaning.

Over 11 Associations have supported the Clean India Show in Ahmedabad signalling that cleanliness and hygiene is no longer just the domain of individual company or plant. The Associations came together on the issue of sanitation and hygiene for the benefit of their members.

Main reasons for maintaining cleanliness in industries have always been quality in production and safety of employees, but now incentives by the government for cleanliness is also a driving factor. The associations have also taken steps to reiterate the importance of cleanliness. The Federation of Gujarat Industries has set up a ‘civic affairs committee’ that works in creating awareness, in addition to adopting public areas and maintaining them.


  Nitesh Patel, Secretary General, Federation of Gujarat Industries said, “The Clean India Show is a perfect platform to showcase cleaning products and services not only from India but also from all over the world. Many equipment and tools on display at the show will surely benefit the industries looking for personalized cleaning solutions.

There was demand for cleaning solutions from the smallest tools like, mops, duster and cleaning gloves to heavy duty equipment like high pressure jets, road sweepers and scrubber driers. Any and every cleaning requirement of the visitors was addressed at the show, with many exhibitors providing personalized solutions. With many companies outsourcing their housekeeping functions, the need for service providers was also noticeable.

Sunil Ralph, VP Admin. & Facilities, Essar Steel Ltd, Hazira: “I congratulate the Clean India team for a well-organized and well attended show. I have noticed a lot of participation from the Far East as well as numerous American and European companies. The Show brings together human and mechanical aspects of cleaning together for better results. This different perspective to cleaning makes it enjoyable, comfortable and convenient for workers across the industries. I propose Clean India to take the lead in establishing a forum and in uniting all the people part of the ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’ and in creating a movement to change the county into a cleaner and better India.

JuanVi Del Pozo, Export Manager-Mopatex, Spain: “It was my first visit to India, which is a big market. We are looking for distributors and have had several one on one meetings with many tools manufacturers/exhibitors here. I am very hopeful of sealing the deal.”

Pankaj R. Desai, MD- Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers Ltd: “So far, we have an in-house set up of conventional cleaning which affects our productivity. This is because we have to shut down the shop floor in areas where manual cleaning is being done. This also affects the air quality of the shop-floor. At Clean India Show, we are looking for the mechanised solutions such as heavy duty high pressure vacuum cleaners that can help improve the productivity as well as quality. We have seen the entire range and have asked some of the exhibitors for a demo at the plant. We will take it forward thereon.” 13

M. A. Narmawala, Commissioner of Co-operation & Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Gujarat State:  “Excellent, interesting and helpful! The Show displays the solutions that are fully in sync with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.”

Rahul Teotia, AM-Hero MotorCorp:  “This is the first time I am visiting a cleaning Show like this. I saw many innovative cleaning equipment and services that would be of great help in maintaining our plant better.”

M.G. Meghane, OSD, Amul Dairy: “Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is of prime importance in the food industry and visiting the show allowed us to gain better knowledge in understanding the science behind cleaning operations. We have requested various companies to provide demonstrations at our plant and will be opting for technologically advanced cleaning operations wherever applicable.”

Having efficient mechanized cleaning operations is actually cost effective and a boon to the bottom line.

A.G. Deshpande, Manager-Corporate Comm & Admin, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd: “I have attended the seminars and visited the Show too. It was fantabulous. We must have such gatherings more and more; this will help raise the awareness, address the concerns that admin managers find hard to fulfil.”

Pankaj Prajapati, Manager-Housekeeping, Havmor Ice-Cream Ltd: “It was certainly an amazing experience! We have two factories in Gujarat and are planning to set up a big one in Maharashtra. We have marked many of the new equipment and washroom hygiene solutions that will help not only reduce the dependency on workforce but also help improve standards.”

Pankaj Singh, Asst. Manager Plant Services, Fiat India Automobiles Limited: “Possessing the correct knowledge and being competent in all aspects of professional cleaning is economical and helps in the bottom line. Clean India Show is the place for such valuable insight of the cleaning industry.”

Lal Dave, CEO, Care Group India: “The biggest challenge in maintaining a pharma plant is to achieve different levels of sanitation and hygiene in different areas. The outdoor areas, for example, require different cleaning methods in comparison to the clean rooms. The show has helped us to figure out the classification of cleaning equipment and systems vis-à-vis areas.”

Kunal Shah, HR, AIA Engineering Ltd: “In the foundry business, cleanliness and sanitation plays a very vital role. Our main requirement are of fine dust collection from heights and different fixers for dustbins. Clean India Show provided with a lot of options allowing us to choose the best suitable among them. We look forward to further automize our cleaning operations.” 

S N Patil, QA, Sumul Dairy:  “Visiting the Show enabled us to gain knowledge in different cleaning tools and equipment available in the market. It is of vital importance that safe and food grade cleaning systems are only used and we found many options from the exhibitors at the Show.”

Gaurang Pandey: “We could find plenty of alternatives available in the market. We have marked some of the equipment manufacturers and will move forward after analyzing our requirements carefully.”

Snehlata Venkat, Executive Housekeeper-Fortune Park, Ahmedabad: “Our prime requirement is adopting latest equipment and I am more than happy to see all kinds of cleaning equipment under one roof. I must say, the Show has been organized and managed beautifully.” 

The Future…
The Indian cleaning industry is at the cusp of a very opportune time. The rising acceptance of sanitation and hygiene, the government support through ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and the opening up of untapped market, ensures that the boom years for the Indian cleaning industry is round the corner. Many industries are linking cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene to CSR duties and that has made the departments responsible for maintaining cleanliness and getting the needed funds. This inflow of capital into the cleaning industry is making it ripe for mega growth in the next few years. Virtual Info Systems with the mission to unearth newer markets heads to Indore in 2015 

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