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Clean India Journal is the only magazine that conveys “Hygiene first.” I like the way it brings all the aspects of cleaning and hygiene together. The special pictorial reports on “PepsiCo” and “Balaji Wafers” in the March issue were very interesting. It is inspiring to see companies pay so much attention to cleanliness and hygiene in India too. The images in the magazine are quite expressive, coveying the best cleaning practices. I do use many of these pictures to show to my workers how to clean windows, glasses and all which they instantly grasp.

Seeing top management speaking at the seminars organised by Clean India Journal and discussing cleanliness as something of utmost important is an inspiration for the workers on the floor. The magazine is definitely contributing to making a difference. Currently, the awareness is limited to the top management level. For instance, even though a number of automatic scrubber driers and vacuum cleaners are made available by the Chennai Railway authorities, the Janitors are not trained to use the equipment. The lack of awareness and motivation in janitors result in unclean toilets and platforms. Thus, an effective training is essential focusing on the right usage of equipment and also on motivation. They should also be taught how to bring creativity in cleaning. This may turn their job interesting rather than cumbersome.

Sumesh K P
Catering Manager, Sundaram Clayton Ltd


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