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The ESPL-TCFM duo: Leading from the top

Cleaning & Hygiene

New Project - 2023-03-20T111951
Oil, grease, spills and water quality: How does a restaurant chain cope?
Deepti Mehta is Co-Founder of Ajna Hospitality LLP Deepti Mehta is Co-Founder of Ajna Hospitality LLP,...
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New Project - 2023-03-17T130153
‘Dust removal need not be time-consuming’
Manjusha Anand, Executive Housekeeper, Della Adventure & Resorts Pvt Ltd Manjusha Anand, Executive...
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New Project - 2023-02-15T100641
India’s FM community must focus on the food processing industry for growth
From an agrarian economy, rural India is transforming itself into an agro-processing economy. States...
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New Project - 2023-02-15T104126
Clean hands + Clean Water = Clean Food
Lakshmikant K, CFO, Murugan Idli Shop Running a food service joint gets all the more challenging when...
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Facility Services

New Project - 2023-03-20T111118
An FM veteran’s guide to managing customer relationships
Sindhu Narayanan, Deputy Director – Business Development Sumeet Group Enterprises In the 25th year...
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New Project - 2023-03-17T125029
Dust control in hotels: Continuous, intensive, achievable
If hotel housekeepers are to be believed, every object inside a hotel is a potential source of dust,...
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New Project - 2023-03-16T154500
Machines range for Clean Rail
Charnock Equipment Pvt Ltd shares its range of surface...
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New Project - 2023-03-16T153405
Ride-on sweeper with hydraulic dumping
Large hopper supports continuous sweeping operations...
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New Project - 2023-03-16T152921
Easy to manouvre stand-on floor scrubber dryer
Reduces risk of slip-and-fall accidents Product Code:...
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Laundry, Dry-Cleaning & Textile Care

New Project - 2023-03-20T115947
For retail laundries, diversification is the name of the game
For too long now, retail laundries have been dubbed...
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New Project - 2023-03-20T122653
Rationalise GST: A laundry entrepreneur’s plea
There is no business that is as crowded as the laundry...
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Waste Management & Recycling

New Project - 2023-03-20T134801
Ludhiana Smart City: On the road to smart waste managment
Shena Aggarwal IAS, Commissioner, Ludhiana Municipal...
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New Project - 2023-03-20T131629
For thirty years, one organisation has empowered manual sanitation workers to end manual sanitation
Dr Smita Singh, CEO, Kam Foundation Every five days...
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Car Care & Detailing

New Project - 2022-11-24T145122
Aqueous Ozone – Cleaning without Chemicals
Harish Anantharaman, MD, Accelerated Cleaning Systems...
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Comac - CS80
Most impactful ride-on industrial sweeper
Environment friendly, fuel efficient and silent Comac...
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