Tuesday , 19 September 2017
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Palava City Maintenance through Participative Governance

Palava City Maintenance through Participative Governance

The Association ensures the uninterrupted services for stable power & water supply, city security, internal & external transport, housekeeping & waste Management, horticulture, customer care and liaising with different government departments for formulation of city ...

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  • Air Care Solutions

    Air Care Solutions

    Professional Fragrance Applications (Aroma Diffusers) A1 from Intercare Cleaning & Hygiene Services Pvt. Ltd is ... Read More »
  • Vegetable Sanitizer

    Vegetable Sanitizer

    Food poisoning is alarmingly high in the modern world. Food contaminated with bacteria, viruses or ...
  • Single Disc Machine

    Single Disc Machine

    Comac India’s PredaTOR of the range-TOR 43 is an innovative orbital single disc machine for ...
  • Recycled Signage Boards

    Recycled Signage Boards

    Delph, a subsidiary of Kibble Enterprises, specialises in sustainable development of products by converting waste ...