Thursday , 19 October 2017
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IPHA Awards

IPHA Awards

The most dynamic and fast-growing association of housekeepers in India, I-Professional Housekeepers’ Association, set a new chapter with the IPHA awards. It was a moment of pride and honour for the Legends to be among the three generations of housekeepers – students, active housekeepers and retired housekeepers. Praising the activities of IPHA and contribution to ...

Latest Issue

  • Dry Cleaning Duo Brush

    Dry Cleaning Duo Brush

    The use of the Aniko 350 Duo Brush simplifies carpet cleaning. Due to the contra-rotating ... Read More »
  • Shampoo Handbrush

    Shampoo Handbrush

    Stains on carpets or upholstery furniture can be removed quickly and easily with Tenas Handbrush. ...
  • Carpet Cleaning Granulat

    Carpet Cleaning Granulat

    Tenas Carpet Cleaning Granulat is ideal for extracting deeper dirt. With the granulate, it is ...
  • Single Roll Tissues

    Single Roll Tissues

    The Arsan Single Rolls are towel rolls which can be used universally. Due to the ...