Monday , 30 March 2015
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Gasifier set up at NARI Phaltan1

An eco-friendly gasifier

Aimed at offering technologies to produce clean energy for small scale projects, Nimbkar Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) has developed an ...
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wooden Treat1

Wooden Treat

Natural wooden material is back in the trend, giving a timeless effect which enhances any interior be it in the ...
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laundary Soultion

Linen Care and Energy Efficiency

Laundry plays an important part in building and augmenting the service provided by a hotel. But it comes at a price. Laundry raises the biggest energy bill of a hotel. Vanita Nair Reports….
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Small Dabbas

Hygiene Rating

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), is going to roll out a new hygiene rating system that ...
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