Sunday , 24 May 2015
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Fragrance Concentrates

Typically, hotel & Industrial laundry managers have complained about not having freshness on their laundered clothes due to high temperature ...
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Combatting Swine Flu

Containing Swine flu, from spreading is still in the trial and error stage. Any solution before beingunderstood, needs an understanding ...
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Mobile Laundromat

Electrolux professional and authorised partner, Quick Clean  Pvt Ltd, a leader in self-service laundry solutions in India, have developed a ...
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Floor Cleaner

SI-7 Floor Cleaner Concentrate from Sonu Impex, India has an international formula that cleans as well as cuts the grease ...
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Mops & Wipes

Having joined hands with GM, an India based company catering to surgical/ automobile segmentwith high quality injection moulds, Kibble Enterprises ...
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Steam Cleaner

Aman cleaning launches Lavorwash’s steam cleaner machine model SKYVAP MAX having pressure switch, double thermostat, Cap with protection against anti-unscrewing ...
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Self-service Laundry

With self-control features such as leak detection and power saving mode, Alliance Laundry’s Speed Queen stands up to almost all ...
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Outsourcing Challenges

FM companies’ assurances to provide Total Facility Management may appear a tall claim. The disparity in business development team’s earnestness ...
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Gasifier set up at NARI Phaltan1

An eco-friendly gasifier

Aimed at offering technologies to produce clean energy for small scale projects, Nimbkar Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) has developed an ...
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wooden Treat1

Wooden Treat

Natural wooden material is back in the trend, giving a timeless effect which enhances any interior be it in the ...
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