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Monday , 27 January 2020
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The Therminator The End of India’s Thermocol Waste

Despite being a highenergy, plastic product, thermocol waste is hardly ever collected and recycled in India. The Therminator is a machine that converts thermocol into a form which can be easily transported, thus promoting its collection and recycling. After Bangalore-based ... Read More »


CVC Motokleen — Cleaner & DegreaserCVC R.R.Spray — Rat Repellent SprayCVC ML-50 — Rust Preventive & Rust LoosenerCVC A/C Cleaner — Air Conditioner CleanerCVC Upholstery cleaner — For Vinyl & Leather upholstery Specifications 1. 5-litre carboy, 27-litre drum and 210-litre ... Read More »


Model: Industrial Washer Extractor Specification Capacity: 15-200KgForce: 350 G Specification Capacity: 15-200Kg Force: 350 G Features: Fully programmable computer controlled with Inverter Drive Bearing Housing, Triple Seal prevents contact of water with the bearings, five Compartment Detergent Dispensers Applications: Launderers, ... Read More »


Model: V Airblade Hand Dryer — ASH-VJ Specifications • Made of high impact fire retardant grade polycarbonate • Plastics with antibacterial properties to prevent growth of bacteria, biofilm, fungi and until end of product life cycle• The hand dryer takes ... Read More »

New tie-up for vehicle recycling

Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Tsusho Group have announced an equal joint venture, Maruti Suzuki Toyotsu India (MSTI), for vehicle dismantling and recycling. The venture will set up its vehicle dismantling and recycling unit in Noida in 2020-21 and will add ... Read More »

Case Study Unclogging Urinals Effectively

Brazil-based Igua Control is the supplier for water treatment, equipment, air control and other segments’ products and services. One of its clients faced perennial problems with clogging in almost all its urinals. Every eight months, they had to manually open ... Read More »

Surat India’s first LEED-certified Green City

Last month’s issue of the Clean India Journal featured an interview with Mili Majumdar, Managing Director of Green Business Certification Institute Pvt Ltd, India, an autonomous body which analyses various parameters to identify and certify buildings, businesses and communities as ... Read More »


Model: SensaMist™ large space diffusers • Wall mounted (Models S100 & S1000) • Counter top free standing (Model S150) • Floor standing (S1000 & S3000) • Fitted into HVAC systems (S1000) Features: It can cost-effectively cover fragrances in spaces up ... Read More »


Greenrich Home Composters Model: GRC 20 and GRC 25 Dimensions L1’0”x1’0”x1’3” Wet waste intake: 1lt/day (0.5kg/waste generated by three members/day) Model: GRC 50 Dimensions L 1’0”x1‘0”x1’9” Wet waste intake: 2lt/day (1kg/waste generated by 4-7 members/day) Model: GRC 120 Dimensions L ... Read More »

Looking Beyond Building

Green Certification for Communities & Residential Spaces While Indian city planners are increasingly aware of this need for sustainable and environmentally sound practices, there are far more technical knowhow available world over to choose from. Mili Majumdar, Managing Director of ... Read More »

Overcoming challenges with Industry 4.0

Overcoming challenges with Industry 4.0 For long, the Laundry and Drycleaning industry has been lagging behind in terms of evolving the way it functions. As a result, a lot of the industry challenges arise from the fact that we are ... Read More »

Continuing pre-eminence of good housekeeping

In the past few years, the hospitality sector has rapidly expanded with the rise of online aggregators such as AirBnb and, which have brought a diverse range of staying options under their ambit. Individual rooms in houses, homestays, service ... Read More »

Service Providers benefit from Apps: Report

More and more cleaning operations are being run on-site with the help of digital apps, which can offer a wide range of management information including quality auditing, daily reports, instant reporting and staff time & attendance. Digitisation – the buzzword ... Read More »

Processing High Volume Linen in Tunnels

The world-famous JUKI sewing machine manufacturers, Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co. Ltd, is today’s largest manufacturer of laundry equipment of South China. Clean India Journal visited Weishi’s state-of-the-art multi-storeyed facility in Shanghai and also visited some of the facilities with Weishi ... Read More »

India’s Trust with a Single-use Plastic Ban

In his address to the nation on Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a clarion call for Indians to stop using single-use plastics. Since then, it was widely expected that the government would issue a notification banning singleuse plastics ... Read More »

A Day in the Life of a Supervisor

Housekeeping can seem like a repetitive, monotonous job, yet its major components can make or break the guest’s impression of the property, while the minor touches can earn a guest’s loyalty. While the primary job of actually cleaning and tidying ... Read More »

Teamwork for a tree plantation drive

The supply chain management team of Lite Bite Foods (LBF) and the Hospitality Purchase Managers Forum (HPMF), along with Saurabh Sengupta of the Dead River Project, conducted a Tree Plantation Drive in a small village named Bhondsi near Gurgaon. 150+ ... Read More »