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Coliform in the Ganga

The water of all the Ghats or bathing places of the Ganga River flowing through Bihar has been found to have life-threatening levels of Coliform bacteria. The permitted limit of Coliform in potable water is below 50mpn/100ml. The arsenic value ... Read More »

Taj Corridor Cleaning

The Taj Mahal and its surroundings that attracted global criticism due to the presence of loads of garbage in River Yamuna and nearby places will undergo massive restoration and cleanliness drive in 2014 under Central Government’s strategy ‘Clean India Campaign’. ... Read More »

Sikkim, the cleanest state

Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan

The Himalayan state Sikkim has successfully constructed nearly one lakh toilets for the fiscal year 2012-13 against its target of constructing about 87,000 toilets. Out of this, 61,493 toilets were constructed for those living below the poverty line. With this, ... Read More »

Delhi hospitals violating DPCB rules

Bio-medical Waste

In a shocking revelation, the Delhi Pollution Control Board (DPCB) has found that the Bio-Medical Waste Management and Handling Rules made operative 15-years ago,are still not being followed by a large number of hospitals and nursing homes in the country’s ... Read More »

Rodent-eating Musahars falling prey to kala-azar

Rodent-eating Musahars falling prey to kala-azar

Name any disease, any environmental problems, ill-hygienic factors, any socio-economic issues or any contaminating particles in water; they are present in the Musahar Tolis, a locality of the rat-eaters in Bihar. Nearly 21 out of every 100 people living in ... Read More »

Mangrove Mortality,a rising concern

Mangrove Mortality-a rising concern

Mushrooming of unauthorized huts in or around the mangroves of Mumbai is posing problems of urban sanitation and coastal cum marine ecology jeopardizing the natural health of these shrubs and trees that act as natural walls against floods during the ... Read More »

Salt vapour causing cardiac ailments to salt makers

Salt pan-f

Nearly 2213 hectares of land occupying salt pans in urban Mumbai are suffering from massive problem of sustainability as the coastal eco-system is fast heading towards degradation due to insanitation, open defecation, germ-filled drains and exposure to high-temperature. The hydrological ... Read More »

Mainpura, Patna’s first ODF slum

ODF Slum

In a major feat to add success to the “every house has a latrine” campaign, the Mainpura of this town has been declared as the state capital of Bihar’s first Open Defecation Free (ODF) urban pocket. Creation of this ODF-pocket ... Read More »

EPEAT becomes operative in India


As a sequel to the Green Electronics Council (GEC), Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) has become operative in India as the electronics companies including television, personal computer and imaging equipment manufacturer have started applying for “EPEAT rating.” EPEAT, a ... Read More »

Pest control operations at Nair Hospital

Nair Hospital-F

Close on the heels of a number of staff of the Nair Hospital falling prey to diseases including dengue and TB, the Municipal Corporation has been made extensive pest control operations at least twice a week mandatory in all its ... Read More »

Citizen forum formed for maintaining cleanliness


The municipal councilors, social organizations and academicians of Patna have formed the Patna Citizens Forum (PCF) to create consciousness among the people on the need for urban sustainability by having proper hygienic facilities and clean periphery. Coining a new slogan ... Read More »

Angul consumes fluoride contaminated water

Contaminated water

Nearly 63,000 rural people in Angul district of Odisha are forced to use highly contaminated potable water having excess fluoride content. The maximum permissible limit of fluoride for potable purposes is 1.5 milligram per litre of water. The Odisha-chapter of ... Read More »

Guest Appealing Stay

Guest House-F

Ranbir Singh Goradia, Owner, Nirmal Guest House (NGH), Mumbai, believes that a guest house premise must sparkle and speak of its own beauty. Paper littering should not be permitted and air freshener sprays always be kept handy to add aroma ... Read More »

Time to assist cleaning companies

Managing Director and CEO Sunil Shirole of Yen Capital Advisory Pvt Ltd makes sure that best cleaning practices are put in place to provide his client a positive environment. Implementing cleaning practices in offices has its own challenges; primary among ... Read More »


Controlling Contamination   In the pharmaceutical industry, Cipla Ltd has an effective cleaning programme in place. The facility has mechanisms to control potential carryover of products, including intermediates and impurities, cleaning agents and extraneous material. “This will keep the contamination ... Read More »

Need for Professional Cleaning

Visitors coming to the mall expect it to be as clean as they spend a lot of time in the premise. A successful mall of 500,000sqft with a footfall of close to 400,000 – 500,000 per month, it is very ... Read More »

Ensuring Crew Safety

  The Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd, one of the most reputed shipping companies of the world, is well known for keeping its fleet clean. David Birwadkar, Vice President-Fleet Management, speaks about ship cleaning and maintenance. The ships are subjected ... Read More »

EDUCATION – Classroom Sanitation

In a classroom, where a number of students come together for hours, even a minor lapse in maintaining hygiene could lead to contamination and widespread health concerns. At the International Institute of Maritime Studies (IIMS) in Mumbai, Director Capt. N.N. ... Read More »

Clean India Week – Cleaning Buses & Depots

Clean India Journal marked the ‘Clean India Week’ from December 2 to 7, 2013, as a curtain raiser to Clean India Pulire 2013. The Clean India Team took initiatives in creating awareness about clean environment as a step ahead. One important activity during the week was cleaning up the Goregaon Bus Depot in Mumbai. Karcher Cleaning Systems Private Limited & Kaarya Facilities and Services Pvt. Ltd supported the cleaning operations. Read More »

Garbage War

  Wars have usually been associated with money or power. Who ever thought of gun-battles for empty plastic bottles, broken glasses, polythene bags, rotten vegetables or urban filth? Ancient Italian cities like Naples, Sicily, Calabria and Pugalia currently are witnessing ... Read More »

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