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Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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Author Archives: Clean India Journal - Editor

Changing Story of Facility Management in Malls

A few years ago, news reports about malls were full of doomsday predictions: most are facing losses many are shutting down, those that survive are being repurposed for other uses, and online shopping will make malls obsolete. Today, the naysayers ... Read More »

The Therminator The End of India’s Thermocol Waste

Despite being a highenergy, plastic product, thermocol waste is hardly ever collected and recycled in India. The Therminator is a machine that converts thermocol into a form which can be easily transported, thus promoting its collection and recycling. After Bangalore-based ... Read More »

No assurance of insurance

Despite the government’s best intentions to provide the poor and the underserved with health insurance, out-of-pocket expenditure on hospital bills and medicines remains one of the top reasons for pushing a family into debt. In this personal account, a practising ... Read More »

Woloo: Women’s Dream Come True

There is no dearth of public toilets in India’s cities. More are constructed every month, yet few people want to use them. Women, in particular, avoid these ill maintained, smelly facilities, and hence have no access to washrooms for hours ... Read More »


Model: Mrinmoyee Three Bucket Hygiene Trolley (IN0534) Features: Frame of this trolley is made by Heavy metal with powder coating. Having three different colours buckets. Each bucket is having a capacity of 20L. Side press wringer. Four 360 movable caters. ... Read More »


Model: Industrial Washer Extractor Specification Capacity: 15-200KgForce: 350 G Specification Capacity: 15-200Kg Force: 350 G Features: Fully programmable computer controlled with Inverter Drive Bearing Housing, Triple Seal prevents contact of water with the bearings, five Compartment Detergent Dispensers Applications: Launderers, ... Read More »


Model: V Airblade Hand Dryer — ASH-VJ Specifications • Made of high impact fire retardant grade polycarbonate • Plastics with antibacterial properties to prevent growth of bacteria, biofilm, fungi and until end of product life cycle• The hand dryer takes ... Read More »

New tie-up for vehicle recycling

Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Tsusho Group have announced an equal joint venture, Maruti Suzuki Toyotsu India (MSTI), for vehicle dismantling and recycling. The venture will set up its vehicle dismantling and recycling unit in Noida in 2020-21 and will add ... Read More »

DLAI Members Meet

The city unit of the Dry Cleaners and Launderers Association of India organised a meeting to suggest solutions to issues faced by the industry. One of the top issues, use of plastic bags, was addressed and alternatives suggested. Zehen Arora, ... Read More »

When hospitals cause infections

Why do ill people who visit a hospital for the treatment of an infection sometimes return with an entirely different, more dangerous infection? Why do perfectly healthy relatives of patients in hospital become casualties to infection themselves? The reason behind ... Read More »

Case Study Unclogging Urinals Effectively

Brazil-based Igua Control is the supplier for water treatment, equipment, air control and other segments’ products and services. One of its clients faced perennial problems with clogging in almost all its urinals. Every eight months, they had to manually open ... Read More »

Who is to be BLAMED For the SPREAD Of VIRUSES?

Hundreds of schools across the US and the UK shut down as norovirus outbreak strikes children… School children complain of vomiting as many hospitalised…” The newspapers made headlines and began sending out hourly reports as increasingly school after school declared ... Read More »

A “Relationship Company”

RR Prasad, Chief Operating Officer at Forbes Professional, Eureka Forbes Ltd says that building direct customer relationships and providing total cleaning solutions have helped Eureka Forbes remain successful, even in a competitive market Eureka Forbes now wants to be known ... Read More »

Surat India’s first LEED-certified Green City

Last month’s issue of the Clean India Journal featured an interview with Mili Majumdar, Managing Director of Green Business Certification Institute Pvt Ltd, India, an autonomous body which analyses various parameters to identify and certify buildings, businesses and communities as ... Read More »

Qatar housekeepers inch towards a bedding dream

Qatar Housekeepers Association’s latest monthly networking session was with Eva Maraia, CEO – Muhldofer (Germany). 48 leading Hotel Directors of Housekeeping/ Executive Housekeepers/Managers attended this event. Maraia shared her vision of ‘bedding to dream and re-energize your body secrets’. Founded ... Read More »