Saturday , 30 April 2016
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International Housekeepers’ Summit 2016

International Housekeepers’ Summit 2016

Clean India Journal is hosting the International Housekeepers’ Summit 2016 at Sahara Star-Mumbai on August 27 and 28. The first of its kind in India, executive housekeepers from more than four countries will participate in ...

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  • No touch washroom cleaning

    No touch washroom cleaning

    Charnock Equipment Pvt. Ltd introduces Foamtec, a stop solution for washroom cleaning and sanitization. Foamtec ... Read More »
  • Urinal Cleaner

    Urinal Cleaner

    Spotless bathroom and urinal cleaner from Care Enviro Solutions contains non-hazardous bacteria in surfactant, which ...
  • Laundry Solution for Hospitals

    Laundry Solution for Hospitals

    There is an essential difference between visibly clean and hygienically clean. Electrolux’s Professional Line 5000  ...
  • AMF Solutions for Healthcare

    AMF Solutions for Healthcare

    Different areas and activities in healthcare facilities have different acoustic requirement. A corridor will require ...